One of the main things I was very interested in doing was trying to identify the most important key stable data in the mass of often-conflicting data that could explain all other phenomena in the area of physical health (spiritual factors aside) and that could then be used to enable one to know whether what one was doing nutritionally was optimum or not and to also enable full physical recovery and well-being.

It was only in the last couple of years, due in great part to the wonderful research and work of many others (listed at the end of this article), that I was able to finally do this. I have written many articles in my life. This is the one that I consider the most important by far. The following are what I've found to be true:

1) The human body is a remarkable biochemical machine that, in an optimally-nourished state, is completely capable of healing itself. To accomplish this, it uses a part of its autonomic nervous system, the parasympathetic nervous system, to heal its various systems and organs while you sleep or are at rest.

It is quite able to do so as long as you don't bypass its autonomic nervous system functions by temporary symptom treating with the likes of drugs and medications and nutraceuticals (the fake vitamins masquerading as nutrition now being sold in health stores). The more you do so, the less chance the body has of healing itself and the worse it gets over time.

When the human body has enough good nutrition and energy it can repair almost any disorder and its innate intelligence also knows what the optimum sequence of repair is. But most people are needlessly draining their body's energy supply on a daily basis by what they consume and expose themselves to and consequently the body's ability to protect and repair itself is impaired and people age quicker, get diseases and acquire a considerable number of physical problems.

A good nutritional system basically gets the body back into the condition that it itself can rebuild and heal itself. When you do that, all sorts of long-term physical problems just fall away.

2) Every body is completely different in the state of health of its organs, glands and tissues, its balances and imbalances of fluids, its supply and reserves of vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes and numerous other differences, including what substances (even beneficial ones) it has over time become allergic to.

This being so, it is almost impossible for anyone to claim that "such-and-such" a supplement is something everybody should take. There is also no way to standardize how much of a particular supplement everyone should take. What works wonderfully for one person may do nothing for, or indeed harm, another. The correct dosage for one will not usually be the correct dosage for another. The correct dosage can also change from week to week and even from day to day as the body changes in response to the nutrition.

In most cases some people will be allergic to this same supplement, for others it may work initially but cease to work after a while due to it also being symptom-suppression rather than locating and addressing the underlying cause.

Note: I cannot stress #2) above strongly enough - whenever asked, "What supplement or brand is good for (fill in the blank)?" or "How good is (fill in the blank)?" the only truthful and honest answer is, "I have no idea without testing it with your specific body."

People are blithely taking "all the right things" completely oblivious to the fact that these highly-touted supplements are more often than not harming their bodies.

A very typical example is something that you'd assume could only be beneficial - Acidophilus - yet it is extremely commonplace to test 4 different brands on a person and find 3 of them weakening his immune system and giving him new problems while one of them is in fact great for his body.  Many people are even allergic to such usually beneficial supplements as B vitamins and Calcium. This is why individual testing of anything a person is taking is so vital.

3) The best way to determine what and how much any particular body needs is to test that specific body to determine its exact situations and the priority and sequence needed for their handling. Such testing must be able to be free of any distortions that would give incorrect or misleading or inconsistent data. One example of such a distortion would be "switching" where the central nervous system gets switched around and sends signals to the wrong locations.

Most medical and much alternative testing does not meet the necessary minimum criteria and so can easily miss major situations.

The practitioner must also be aware of the major physical barriers that can make it very difficult for even correct nutrition to work effectively. Surgical scars are just one example of such a barrier.* Mercury from fillings and vaccinations is another that is so insidious that people cannot truly recover from a huge assortment of symptoms until mercury is fully removed from their bodies.

Sometimes the situation is simply that the person's body is blocked from healing itself (by such things as heavy metals, chemicals - including sadly, prescription drugs - food allergies,  scars, etc. ) and merely unblocking the person's body alone causes the symptoms to completely vanish. Medical "science" unfortunately knows nothing of this and in its ignorance causes immense and sometimes irreparable damage.


4) Good health is not "no symptoms" but includes a feeling of considerable well-being, good energy and stamina. A dead body has no symptoms but it is not in good health. Some people's bodies are in such poor health that they are not even up to creating sickness symptoms that would flush their bodies of toxins and wastes and so they can appear to be sickness and symptom-free while being in very poor shape indeed.

5) If you suppress symptoms, the body will have to create new and different and often worse symptoms (often known as side-effects when related to drugs). Suppressing body symptoms as with drugs always creates worse illness, period. And the person ends up on yet more drugs to treat the new symptoms, which create yet new symptoms and a dwindling spiral of ever poorer health the longer one takes them.

It is far more important to be able to diagnose correct causes rather than to try and suppress symptoms. The latter will create other symptoms whereas the former can remove the problem for good without side-effects and without you having to be on harmful drugs for life.

6) Very often a symptom in one part of the body is caused by an organ or gland malfunction in another. Thus trying to treat joint problems, as an example, with topical or herbal supplements targeted at that specific area, while they may bring temporary relief in some circumstances, will have little long term beneficial effect if the problem is coming from a malfunctioning organ or gland or even from eating wheat, as is often the case.

7) 95% of the vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements sold in health food stores are no longer the nutritional supplements they once were but are now provided by the major pharmaceutical companies and are technically not real nutrition but rather "nutraceuticals" which are synthetic chemical fractional isolates of true vitamins. True vitamins, obtainable from whole foods, are a complex collection of biological interactions with many co-factors needed in order to accomplish their tasks.*

They are also alive. Synthetic vitamins are not only dead but are missing all their needed co-factors. As a result they leech the body's reserves of the missing co-factors and thus appear to work at first, while depleting the body of its own reserves and causing a vitamin imbalance that usually leads to a return and increase of symptoms.

True (whole food) vitamins don't need mega doses to create their effect. A high number of milligrams is often an indication of a synthetic source. These synthetics are also often made from base substances such as ground up toxic cow livers, coal tar or animal wastes.


You might be surprised to look at your vitamin labels and see how many synthetics you are taking. There is a chart at the bottom of this page that shows which are which:

8) Bodies do indeed need the correct whole foods in order to repair themselves but the chemically and genetically altered toxic and addictive processed concoctions that pass for "food" in typical US supermarkets, fast food establishments and even many restaurants, are slowly poisoning those who ingest them and creating tremendous illnesses in the US population through severe malnutrition and lack of vitally-needed enzymes.*

There are over 14,000 man-made chemicals added to our American food supply today. Some of these additives are chemicals that are deliberately engineered in order to get you addicted to the specific food that contains them and to make you eat more.

Concurrently with the poisoning of our food and as part of the situation, farmland soil has been eroded and depleted of its vital nutrients with the result that an orange that contained 50% vitamin C 50 years ago now contains less than 5%. To get the amount of iron that you could get in a cup of spinach in 1945 you would now need to consume 65 cups.


9) There are a number of well-known "diets" that a number of people swear by, at least at first. Statistically, these diets usually work on about a third of the people who try them. Where they work it is usually because they force the person to remove from his or her diet something that was extremely harmful to him, whether it be sugars, white flour or poisoned meats or something else.

But because they don't handle any underlying causes for the person and because of the aspects that are not nutritionally correct about these diets, they create situations and imbalances in their bodies that often create the next major problem for the person. There is currently a very famous diet that is starting to create colon cancer in those who've been on it for five or so years. There is another where the body ends up eating itself in order to get enough proteins and some other systems work by giving the body the equivalent of high-octane fuel and so giving it great energy at first but also eventually burning it out.

10) People often ask about such things as Chinese herbs, naturopathy, chiropractic etc.. These are a much safer alternative to medical treatments and often get much better results and they can serve a major purpose in pain and other relief and especially in keeping people away from the physical and mental damage caused by the medical industry.

But they are also in many cases treating symptoms rather than finding and handling underlying causes and rebuilding the body's native ability to heal itself and so the symptoms can return or you can get new ones and you can have to keep going back to the practitioners. In the absence of treating underlying causes nutritionally, people often keep having to go back for chiropractic adjustments as the adjustments can "go out" again. If you handle underlying nutritional causes, chiropractic and other valid treatments can work much better and with more stability.

Some additional info of note:

Medications tend to have a stronger effect as you age. The risk increases as the number of medications increases. When five different drugs are taken, the risk of a bad reaction goes up to 50 percent. With eight or more drugs, the risk is about 100 percent.  People who go the medical route eventually become "medical wreckage" - they've been on so many medications and/or their bodies have been cut up or burned (radiated) so many times that their bodies are no longer capable of responding to correct and true healing treatments.

As Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn demonstrates in his book "Confessions of a Medical Heretic", when hospitals or doctors go on strike, the death rate goes down and when they go back to work, the death rates rise again.

Kids are raised on sugar and white flour and their health deteriorates rather rapidly and they become medical clients earlier and earlier. 15-20 years ago, the female body would start to fall apart in the 35-55 age range and women would start to not feel as good as they used to. Now we are finding more and more women in their 20's starting to feel like women used to at 35 and 40.

At the beginning of the 20th century the US ranked 1st in health among the major industrial nations. US spending per capita on health is currently the highest in the world yet the US now ranks 37th in actual health statistics in the top industrial countries and has the highest infant mortality rate. The US also rates 24th in life expectancy. More people than ever are on drugs and yet most major diseases are on the rise.

We have been and continue to be seriously misled by those in the food and drug industry who have a fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders to make increased profits by selling more "food" and drugs and who also stand to lose billions if people were to start getting well. There is an unholy alliance between the Food & Drug Administration and the drug companies that results in unsafe and highly toxic foods and drugs being foisted on a largely unsuspecting public. You don't have to put up with it.

I hope this information helps you as much as it did me.

The following, whose  dedication and passion for uncovering the truth despite all odds and opposition by vested interests, have my undying gratitude for giving me back my life:

Dr.  Lester Bryman, Dr. Freddie Ulan,  Dr. Royal Lee, Dr. Weston A. Price, Dr. Francis M. Pottenger
For nearly three decades I have been researching, experimenting and writing my findings in an attempt to get to the bottom of all the contrary and confusing data in the alternative health field.

It was obvious from their statistics* that the medical route of suppressing symptoms or cutting out or burning body parts (radiation) was an extremely dangerous and often deadly path to go down but, confusions in the field of alternative health apart, the alternative health field was also often as ineffective long-term as conventional medicine, albeit somewhat safer.

The information in this article is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional advice or treatment for specific conditions. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. You should seek prompt care for any specific health issues and consult your nutritionist before starting a new fitness or nutrition regimen. The information contained in this article is presented in summary form only and intended to provide broad consumer understanding. The information should not be considered complete and should not be used in place of a visit, call, consultation or advice of your nutritionist or other real health care practitioner.

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